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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Toronto Mayor Admits to Smoking Crack (VIDEO)

Toronto Mayor Admits to Smoking Crack (VIDEO)

| On 06, Nov 2013

Shocking revelations came from Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, Ontario (Canada) on Tuesday.

Ford admitted to reporters that the rumors were true that he smoked crack cocaine at least once “probably a year ago .. in a drunken stupor.” Not only were Canadians appalled by the admission, but global media picked up the story and ran with it. Talk radio, blogs, Twitter, and even “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” had a field day with Ford.

Rumors began swirling in May that there was a tape of Ford smoking crack. Reporters at The Toronto Star and said they viewed the tape, but had no copy. Ford strongly denied the allegations. However, the Toronto Police were allegedly able to obtain a video tape recently of Ford with drug dealers doing the drug and using racial and homophobic slurs. Ford claims to have no knowledge of the tape and doubted its existence. A blurry image has surfaced to the media, though, showing Ford with three alleged drug dealers.

Last week, there was also a confrontation between reporters outside Ford’s house as he left for work one morning. He began yelling and pushing cameramen out of his driveway. He jumped in his black SUV and headed to work — only to say later that day that he didn’t smoke crack, after being pressed.

Now the crack admission has arrived and some Toronto residents are calling for his ouster. It remains to be seen if Ford will step down or try, as he is now, to continue business as usual in North America’s fourth-largest city. The city law does not require Ford to step down unless he has been convicted of a crime, which has not happened.

My tough question is why are people still trying CRACK COCAINE in 2013? I’m not advocating one drug over another, but crack is pretty extreme especially from a high-profile mayor in the new millennium. In the drug world you tend to hear a lot more about Molly, heroin, cocaine, and of course, weed. I just hope Ford seeks help for whatever addiction(s) he has — crack, alcohol, and/or lying, etc.



If Rob Ford were your mayor, would you expect him to resign his post after admitting to smoking crack?

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