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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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U.S. Contemplates “Limited” Military Strikes In Syria (VIDEO)

U.S. Contemplates “Limited” Military Strikes In Syria (VIDEO)

| On 05, Sep 2013

Well, I am back to blogging from a personal break. In my absence, I have been in awe of the international news that has made headlines.

In short, the Syrian government and its president Bashar Al-Assad have been accused of gassing over 1,000 people on August 21. Scenes of utter horror death and destruction played out on global media outlets. They showed hundred of dead and/or dying people laid out in the street, convulsing, or walking around in confusion. It was truly a sad situation and a real low point of the two-year Syrian conflict.

The United States was not happy about it. The use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people was the line in the sand they feel was unacceptably crossed.

So, Secretary of State John Kerry, and eventually President Obama, began to seek allied support for a military strike against Syria. It sounded like the 2002 run-up to the failed Iraq war all over again. Great Britain and France began their own debates with the British passing on action and the French siding with Americans.

It’s now the American lawmakers’ turn to debate the issue in Congress.

Let me go on record and be clear. I do not support any military action in Syria. Our nation cannot handle another global conflict at this time. We have a ton of work that we are not doing at home because our fiscal and military resources are stretched so thin.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on the potential aftermath of an attack on Syria. They are allies with Iran, China, and Russia — so how will those nations look at us? Still, President Obama was in Sweden making the case for the U.S. to strike Syria. When I look at all the ways this could go wrong, I am not sold on why we should act there.

This is one issue that I wholeheartedly disagree with President Obama on. The U.S. has seemingly nominated itself as the ‘world police’ and, frankly, I’m tired of it. It was tragic what happened to the people in Syria, but is it OUR place to right a wrong that has nothing to do with us? It seems as if we are more concerned about looking weak on the global stage than really being weak here at home. How are we cutting Head Start, voting rights, and food stamps for the hungry yet starting a new military “conflict?” It does not add up to me.



Do you think the United States should be militarily involved in the Syrian conflict?

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