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Prune Juice Media | April 18, 2014

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VP Biden Cracks Jokes at U.S. Senate Swearing-In (VIDEO)

| On 04, Jan 2013

Check out this funny little reel of Vice President Joe Biden that CBS News put together from Thursday’s Senate swearing-in ceremonies.

In it, you hear a ton of “off-the-cuff” remarks from the vice president, but none that are cringe-worthy. He jokes about being frisked and gets playful with a lawmaker’s 90-something-year-old mother. It’s all very innocent, but Biden definitely has a sense of humor.

I enjoy seeing both President Obama and Vice President Biden in these non-scripted moments. As tough as their jobs are, it makes them seem a little more human.


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  4. Yes he is, Jay!

  5. Uncle Joe is such a flirt. lol

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