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Watch Lisa Ling’s “Inside North Korea” Documentary (VIDEO)

| On 05, Apr 2013

North Korea has been one of the hot topics this week as their war rhetoric has heated up in recent days.

I was bored earlier this week and decided to browse YouTube to see what information I could find from inside North Korea. Of course I know it’s a reclusive state, but a few outsiders have been allowed access into the country.

One of the most notable people allowed in a few years ago was journalist Lisa Ling. She made a documentary for National Geographic called “Inside North Korea.” To get around the government officials, she told them that she was helping a Nepalese doctor document eye surgeries he was performing on blind North Korean citizens. It was half true and her ‘white lie’ worked.

What you see in this 46-minute piece is footage not only about the gross state of healthcare in North Korea, but a real look at some of the country itself. We get to meet a North Korean family. The viewer also sees the idol worship that happened for their now-late leader Kim Jong Il. Remember this was shot a few years ago before all the recent tensions flared.

This was a very interesting documentary even if just to see exactly how North Korea operates.

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