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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Woman Almost Faints During Obama’s Healthcare Speech (VIDEO)

Woman Almost Faints During Obama’s Healthcare Speech (VIDEO)

| On 21, Oct 2013

A bit of drama accompanied President Obama’s speech from the Rose Garden on Monday morning.

While delivering remarks on the progress (or lack thereof) around registering for Obamacare online, Karmel Allison, one of the attendees standing behind the president, got a bit shaky in her knees.

In the clip, you will see Obama talking to the audience and oblivious for a while about what’s going on behind him. But, if you notice the lady to the left of your screen and the gentleman to the right, their faces really tell the story. It looks like Allison mouthed something about not feeling well and grabbed the lady’s hand beside her.

Next thing you know, Allison fell back slightly where she was caught by another man behind her. The president turned around to check on her, obviously hearing some kind of commotion. Someone from his team immediately swooped in to get Allison to a safer place.

Before she left, Obama held Allison and joked, “This is what happens when I talk too long.” She was coherent enough to laugh and wobble a bit in the president’s arms before being carted off.

Please believe that you may see this clip again on the late-night talk show, including The Daily Show. It wasn’t funny, per se. But, it was mighty ironic that someone almost fainted at an event to promote sign-ups on a glitchy health insurance website. lol…

For another angle of the near-faint, check out the video here. Fast forward to the 26:00 mark.


Update (21 Oct. – 4:44 p.m. ET): The post reflect the full name of Karmel Allison and a link to the White House video. 

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