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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Check Out the Frozen Great Lakes (PHOTO)

Check Out the Frozen Great Lakes (PHOTO)

| On 04, Mar 2014

Lake Michigan Superior Huron Erie Ontario frozen

(Photo via CNN)

Everyone has rightfully complained about the cold that has gripped a good portion of the nation this winter.

On Tuesday, CNN tweeted a aerial space photo of the five Great Lakes. According to the caption, they are “90.5 percent frozen.” That’s a helluva lot of water to freeze over a few months.

During a regular winter, the lakes are usually the last thing to freeze because of the sheer size of the bodies of water. Welp, that idea went out the window this year! Temperatures and/or wind chills in the area have routinely dipped below 0F (-18C) this season thanks to the phenomenon known as the “polar vortex,” or a mass of cold Arctic air that dropped into the U.S.

I added text under each lake so you would know what you are viewing. It is sad when you cannot distinguish land from water in most of this pic. Lol…

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