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Corrupt Charlotte Mayor Cannon Taken Down In FBI Sting

Corrupt Charlotte Mayor Cannon Taken Down In FBI Sting

| On 27, Mar 2014

Patrick Trenna Cannon Charlotte North Carolina Mayor

Patrick Cannon is seen with his wife, Trenna, in the happy days when their illegal money flowed free.

This is not the kind of news you ever want to hear about your mayor.

Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina must still be in shock that the FBI took down their Mayor Patrick DeAngelo Cannon in an ongoing corruption sting on Wednesday. The icing on the cake was that he resigned from office on the same day.


Let’s be clear here. Cannon was JUST began his term as mayor three and a half months ago.

The corruption probe started in August 2010, well before Cannon landed in office. At the time, he was on City Council. In short, FBI agents posed as business developers and set up meetings with Cannon. In exchange for influence and connections stretching as far as the governor’s office in Raleigh and the White House, they would pay Cannon thousands of dollars in cash. At one meeting he took $12,500 and fanned it next to his ear just like someone who has never been around money before. He took his last bribe in February 2014, while mayor, to the tune of $20,000.

One of the “development deals” was valued to the tune of $125 million. As a kickback, Cannon wanted one percent — or $1.25 million — from the project. Cannon says that his wife, Trenna, was the reason behind that request. The FBI has her on tape as well thanking them for $1,000 they gave Cannon in a previous transaction. Cannon told the undercover agents that Trenna requested the one percent figure.

I’m sorry, but I feel like this is a long episode of “House of Cards” mixed with “The Sopranos.” Smh…

If convicted, Cannon could face 50 years in prison and fines totaling $1.5 million, according to The Charlotte Observer. Cannon has not formally been indicted yet, but it is looking at charges of theft and bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, honest services wire fraud, and extortion under color of official right.


The part that is fascinating to me is how the FBI let the corruption go on for so long to set up its case against Cannon. They let the man leave City Council, run for mayor, win the race, and get settled into office before smoking him right out of his post. LMAO!! It had to be some serious corruption if the FBI was willing to invest resources, at one point renting a $2,100/month apartment, in order to catch Cannon in the act.

This is exactly why people do not trust politicians as it is. How much of a greedy asshole must you be to think you would personally profit $1.25 million off of a development project …. while MAYOR of a major U.S. city? Cannon and his wife are as stupid and gullible as they come.

Michael Barnes, a Democratic member At-Large of Charlotte City Council, is now the city’s acting mayor. The Council will soon appoint a permanent fill-in to serve out the rest of Cannon’s two-year term through December 2015.


Sidenote: The Charlotte Observer offered some extremely comprehensive coverage of the facts around Cannon’s scandal. Click here to read it.


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