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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Democrat Wendy Davis Wins Texas Gubernatorial Primary

Democrat Wendy Davis Wins Texas Gubernatorial Primary

| On 05, Mar 2014

Wendy Davis Texas gubernatorial primary

(Photo by John Anderson)

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) has a lot to celebrate on Wednesday.

The lawmaker, who became famous last summer for her filibuster of the state’s new abortion laws, coasted to victory in the state’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. She beat Ray Madrigal by a 79-21 percent margin. Over 432,000 people cast ballots for Davis.

Now one of the most watched gubernatorial races for 2014 has set itself up. Davis will face sitting state Atty. General Greg Abbott, who is the Republican nominee for governor. He won his GOP race on Tuesday by a 92 percent margin. The other three candidates in his race gathered a collective eight percent of the vote total.

Looking over the results from the Texas race, one major thing jumped out at me. While Davis took home 432,000 votes in her favor, Abbott secured over 1.2 million votes on the Republican side. It is common knowledge that Republicans tend to be more active in primary and off-year elections. Democrats like to vote in presidential and some midterm contests. I should not be surprised at almost triple the amount of turnout for the GOP vs. Democrats.

(Screencap from AP results)

(Screencap from AP results)

I would still, however, like to see the numbers for the Democrats improve drastically before November. Davis has a long road ahead to make it to the governor’s mansion in Austin. The state has not had a Democratic as chief executive since early 1995 with Ann Richards — though historically most Texas governors have been Democrats. The state handed Mitt Romney a win in 2012 by a 57-41 percent margin and also elected Sen. Ted Cruz by a similar margin of victory.

The point is that Texas is a red state. DEEP RED. Davis, her team, and voters across the state will need to maximize turnout in the November general election. I really hope that Texas can see its second Democratic woman governor in November. After the damage that Rick Perry and the state legislature has done, Texans need her!

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