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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Democrats Launch New Voter Inclusion Effort With Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

Democrats Launch New Voter Inclusion Effort With Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

| On 28, Feb 2014

The Democratic National Committee has FINALLY unveiled a new effort to hit back at voter suppression efforts taking over the country.

This week, former President Bill Clinton was tapped to announce the launchof  the “Voter Inclusion Project” from his party. The idea is to work at a ground level to make sure eligible voters are registered and have access to the polls during the election season. They are also pushing back against mostly Republican forces that have sought to curb early and provisional voting, toughen voter ID laws at the state level, and make the voting process more complicated overall.

Take the state of Ohio for instance. Just this week, Gov. John Kasich was poised to sign the third bill this month from the Ohio General Assembly that would limit or complicate voter access in his state.

In my opinion, this effort from the DNC should have happened in 2011 when Republican statehouses across the country started going haywire about voter participation. The GOP was hoping to change the outcomes of the impending 2012 presidential election. I feel that too many states have advanced restrictive plans particularly to quell the votes of minorities and youth. It is clear the voter suppression efforts are plan of the larger Republican Party and its shadow money forces. Changing who can participate in the voting process affects so many political outcomes for years to come.

I really hope the DNC has success with this effort because it is much-needed. If you want to sign-up to get involved, click here.

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