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GOP Closes More TX Abortion Clinics, Endangering Women

GOP Closes More TX Abortion Clinics, Endangering Women

| On 06, Mar 2014

The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC used their popular first segment on Wednesday night to discuss a major development against women’s reproductive rights in Texas.

The Republican-led Texas Legislature made it their mission starting in 2013 to reduce access to abortion services in their state. New laws put in place are reducing 44 clinics across the state to only five by September 2014. Mind you, Texas has 26 million people — the second most populous state in U.S. The move was met with strong protests that garnered national attention, including the famous filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth). The opposition, however, was not enough to stop the abortion foes from having their way.

It seems the idea behind the closures is the conservative “right to life” philosophy. I can respect that viewpoint. At the same time, closing clinics does not eliminate the need for abortions. Women in the state will increasingly turn to abortion options in Mexico or opt to dangerously try the procedure at home.

The segment will leave you shaking your head at how ideology can trump servicing the basic needs of people. Conservative lawmakers are so set on putting their own interests above Texans and this is the result.

On the print side, Salon has also highlighted the issue in a concise piece.



What do you think of Texas’s new laws restricting abortion access throughout the state?

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