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LA-Gov. Jindal Has a Problem With Medicaid Billboards

LA-Gov. Jindal Has a Problem With Medicaid Billboards

| On 19, Mar 2014

Bobby Jindal 2 has been known to ruffle at least a few feathers. This could not be more true in recent weeks in Louisiana.

As we reported on March 4, MoveOn is lashing out in specific states against governors who are refusing to expand Medicaid in their state under the new Obamacare allotments from the federal government. Gov. Bobby Jindal in Louisiana was one of those targeted, along with five other governors.

Here is the nice billboard they put up about Jindal:

Louisiana Medicaid billboard Governor Bobby Jindal

Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, who had asked to remove the billboards, has also since sued the group for using their tourism logo in the ad. The “Pick Your Passion” phrase is part of the state’s official tourism outreach. They say MoveOn has “violated trademark rules,” according to The [New Orleans] Times-Picayune.

Gov. Jindal was not taking the public embarrassment laying down either. He claimed in an op-ed in The Shreveport Times that the reason he denied Medicaid was because Obamacare discriminates against persons with disabilities versus those with no medical conditions. In the governor’s view, the healthy people get priority over sicker individuals.

The problem is that Jindal’s statement is not really true.

The real issue is that the billboards show Louisiana residents exactly who is responsible for over 242,000 additional people being denied healthcare coverage in their state. Decisions about Medicare expansion rest with the governors of individual states. So, it is fair to say that Jindal holds the blame for many lacking insurance in Louisiana.

I have always said that the decision not to expand Medicaid, especially in the South, made no sense. Louisiana is one of the most unhealthy states in the U.S. Jindal cannot possibly believe that allowing his population to grow sicker with access to only emergency room facilities will solve the problem. Sick people with chronic illnesses will not go away. Also, the preventative care that is FREE under Obamacare will help diagnose and treat conditions sooner than if people just sit hoping their ailments will cure themselves.

Since Jindal is against Obamacare, I would love to know what his tangible solution is to the problem of the uninsured. We are still waiting for an answer…

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