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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Obama Offers Some Specifics In Latest State of the Union Speech (VIDEO)

Obama Offers Some Specifics In Latest State of the Union Speech (VIDEO)

| On 30, Jan 2014

Lots of interesting stuff has happened during our hiatus from the site.

Probably the biggest event was the annual State of the Union speech on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress discussing progress in the United States over the past year and looking forward.

In all honesty, State of the Union speeches are well-watched but usually scarce on specifics. The president offers up lots of well-sounding proposals. But, they are usually coupled with asking Congress to vote for or support them.

In case you didn’t know, Congress didn’t get much of anything done last year. They were the most unproductive Congress in history, according to legislation passed. Asking them to support Obama in a midterm election year is even more of a gamble … that we are bound to lose.

Some highlights I pulled from the speech were the focus on strengthening the economy and opportunity for all American workers. The president was much more specific about this than in years past — citing initiatives focused on the long-term unemployed and bringing outsourced jobs back to America. I also liked the focus on savings plans for those who don’t have pensions via the new MyRA (a take on the traditional term of IRA).

Obama also wants the federal government to set the standard on the minimum wage issue. Federal contractors will now have to pay their workers a minimum of $10.10 when they work on projects using federal money.

If you saw the speech, tell us what you thought of it or what were your favorite parts.


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