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Petition Calls For Lazy Congressional GOP to Give Up Paychecks

Petition Calls For Lazy Congressional GOP to Give Up Paychecks

| On 20, Feb 2014

John Boehner Hurricane Sandy relief Speaker of the House

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) (Photo credit unknown) is not playing with Congress these days and they have involved the American people, as usual.

The progressive action group started a petition after several media reports of Congressional Republicans saying they were finished legislating for the year on major items. With midterm elections in the fall, many are too nervous to actually stand up for something because of backlash from potential voters.

When I heard about MoveOn’s petition it made sense. Why should Congressional Republicans continue to draw paychecks on the taxpayer dime after they have admitted to embarking on a nine-month cigarette break from work? It makes no sense.

In short, I signed the petition. Here’s what I wrote along with my name and city:

“Congressional Republicans have done nothing to earn a paycheck funded by hardworking tax payers. They are the “takers” they complain about so much.”

It’s brief and to the point. And, it is how I really feel. MoveOn plans to deliver the petition to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) soon. They are looking for 40,000 signatures and currently have 31,000 on record. If you’re so inclined, you should sign it too.

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