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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Sean Hannity Jokes Obama About Wearing a Bike Helmet (AUDIO)

Sean Hannity Jokes Obama About Wearing a Bike Helmet (AUDIO)

| On 12, Mar 2014

This has to be one of the stupidest radio segments I have heard in a while.

Fox News star Sean Hannity took a few minutes of his self-titled radio show on March 5 to bash President Obama over something quite trivial. Most would say that is an average day in Hannity’s world. But, something for me sounded extra petty in this segment.

Hannity brought on two guests, K.T. McFarland and Todd Wood, to discuss President Obama’s image versus Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a nutshell, the three praised Putin for being an “alpha male” while they said the Russian people view Obama as “weak.” They cited a few examples in the press of Putin photographed shirtless in the rough outdoors while Obama plays basketball in a gym.

The crew gave Obama flack for wearing a bicycle helmet while biking outdoors. HUH? Hannity, who is only four months younger than the president, says he never wore a helmet when he rode a bike as a kid. Yes, that may have been true back in the covered-wagon days when helmets were not on the social conscience. As president, however, you are called to a higher standard. Same as with cycling, Obama would not be photographed riding in a car without a seat belt.

The part that unnerved me the most was this idea that what the Russian people think of our president really matters in the grand scheme of things. No one asks us what we think of Putin. He has never cared. He does what he wants and worries about his sovereign nation and overtaking part of Ukraine. I don’t give a damn if the Russians think basketball and bike helmets are wimpy. I also think Putin swimming in icy waters and wrestling alligators is crazy and dangerous — but then again I am not a Russian citizen.

George W. Bush bicycle helmet

Bush participating in the W100 in Texas — a 100km bike ride for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Notice his BIKE HELMET!

I wonder if Hannity had this much to say about George W. Bush wearing bike helmets either during or after his presidency?

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