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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Ep. 24 – Trumpcare Defeated, #BlackWomenAtWork, and Missing DC Girls

Ep. 24 – Trumpcare Defeated, #BlackWomenAtWork, and Missing DC Girls

| On 31, Mar 2017

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Trumpcare, or the American Health Care Act, died just about as quick as it got started. Never mind all the Republican infighting. It was doomed from start because it simply was horrible legislation.

The #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag took off this week thanks to two prominent figures in politics and media – Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and journalist April D. Ryan. Find out who tried them in the workplace and why people are standing in support of them.

President Trump relaxed some EPA rules around the coal-mining industry this week. Go ahead and get your gas masks, inhalers, and oxygen tanks because more pollution is headed your way.

Finally, we look at the story of the missing DC girls and sort out fact from fiction. We talk about how stories of missing persons aren’t told the same between different communities in America.

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Intro and Housekeeping – 0:49

Prune Juice Three (iPhone cords, Devin Nunes, Trump impeachment)4:03

Trumpcare defeat – 15:27

Maxine Waters vs. Bill O’Reilly – 24:10

April Ryan vs. Sean Spicer – 30:28

EPA coal rules slashed – 37:43

Missing DC girls update – 46:18

Closing – 51:21

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