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Prune Juice Media | April 19, 2014

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Democrat Wendy Davis Wins Texas Gubernatorial Primary

Wednesday, 5 March, 2014 |

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) has a lot to celebrate on Wednesday.

The lawmaker, who became famous last summer for her filibuster of the state’s new abortion laws, coasted to victory in the state’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. She … Read More

Democrats Launch New Voter Inclusion Effort With Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

Friday, 28 February, 2014 |

The Democratic National Committee has FINALLY unveiled a new effort to hit back at voter suppression efforts taking over the country.

This week, former President Bill Clinton was tapped to announce the launchof  the “Voter Inclusion Project” from his … Read More

Obama Pushes For Unemployment Insurance In Congress

Wednesday, 8 January, 2014 |

President Obama used the power of the bully pulpit on Tuesday to highlight a serious issue facing out-of-work Americans. Federal unemployment insurance expired on December 28. This left over one million Americans with no additional financial help this week … Read More

Axed Jobless Benefits Trying to Make a Comeback

Monday, 6 January, 2014 | 1

Despite an economic recovery that is slowly gaining steam, there is a good portion of the work force who still don’t see the turnaround in their own lives.

Federal unemployment benefits expired on December 28. They were also not … Read More

Elizabeth Warren Shows Passion for Keeping Social Security (VIDEO)

Thursday, 21 November, 2013 |

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has a star that just will not stop shining these days!

Already a rock star in the grassroots liberal community, Sen. Warren has been making waves in the Senate since her election in 2012. She … Read More

ELECTION 2013 – de Blasio Becomes NYC’s First Dem Mayor In 20 Years

Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 |

Tuesday night was huge for New York City’s Democratic candidate for mayor, Bill de Blasio. He rolled over Joe Lhota, a Republican, with a 72 to 24 percent margin* to take his rightful place in City Hall. (At the time … Read More

ELECTION 2013 – McAuliffe Wins, VA-Gov Voters Say NO to The Cooch

Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 |

The election results are in for Virginia and it looks like control of the governor’s mansion has shifted back to Democrats!

Former Democratic strategist Terry McAuliffe pulled out a victory over the state’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The early and … Read More

ELECTION 2013 – Christie Wins Big in NJ-Gov Race

Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 |

Here’s the biggest non-shocker of the night.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, handily won re-election on Tuesday night by beating State Senator Barbara Buono, a Democrat. Christie trounced Buono by a 60 to 38 percent margin.* The Associated … Read More

Veterans Call Sarah Palin an “Idiot” For Shutdown Grandstanding (VIDEO)

Thursday, 17 October, 2013 |

Members of the GOP lost on every possible level during the government shutdown.

Take Sarah Palin for instance, the former 2008 vice presidential candidate and current FOX news contributor. She spoke at a gathering of veterans in Washington, D.C. … Read More

Cory Booker Wins New Jersey’s Open Senate Seat

Thursday, 17 October, 2013 |

Congratulations goes out to one of my favorite (hard to believe I have a favorite, huh?) politicians, Newark Mayor Cory Booker!

That won’t be his title much longer as he just clinched a much-anticipated win in the race to be … Read More