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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Elizabeth Warren

Politics and Prune Juice Ep. 16 – Impeachment Fantasies, Executive Orders, and Irrelevant Celebrity Political Opinions

Tuesday, 31 January, 2017 |

The gloves are off in this 16th episode of the show!

Host Matt Stevens breaks down exactly why a potential impeachment of Donald Trump is not happening anytime soon. Sorry to burst your bubble!

We also discuss why the … Read More

Elizabeth Warren Shows Passion for Keeping Social Security (VIDEO)

Thursday, 21 November, 2013 |

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has a star that just will not stop shining these days!

Already a rock star in the grassroots liberal community, Sen. Warren has been making waves in the Senate since her election in 2012. She … Read More

Elizabeth Warren Has a Message For Spoiled Republicans (PHOTO)

Wednesday, 2 October, 2013 |

I love this!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has a few words, at least via a meme, for House Republicans about the current federal government shutdown.

If she really said this, then she couldn’t have uttered more honest words! This … Read More

Elizabeth Warren’s Blunt Honesty About Student Loans (PHOTO)

Friday, 10 May, 2013 |

Will someone get Mother Elizabeth Warren a microphone and a prayer cloth so she can continue to PREACH THIS GOSPEL?!

Banks and the financial industry were afraid to see her darken the hallways of the U.S. Senate. I see why. … Read More

Elizabeth Warren Responds to Native American Criticism With Ad (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 3 October, 2012 |

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is not sitting back idly while her opponent, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), degrades her good name.

Recently, drama heated up between the two because Sen. Brown questioned Warren’s supposed Native American heritage. To the … Read More

Scott Brown Side-Eyes Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Cherokee’ Heritage Claim (VIDEO)

Thursday, 27 September, 2012 |

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is taking some heat lately for keeping it a bit too real on the campaign trail.

His Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, made a claim that she has 1/32nd Cherokee Nation heritage. Brown didn’t exactly believe … Read More