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Prune Juice Media | July 26, 2014

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AZ-Gov. Brewer Vetoes Senseless Gay Discrimination Bill

Thursday, 27 February, 2014 | 1

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer must have read my post yesterday and decided that she wanted to save some of her dignity.

On Wednesday evening, Brewer made a public statement saying she would veto the state’s controversial “religious freedom” bill, … Read More

AZ-Gov. Brewer Could Sign Bill to Approve Religious Discrimination Against Gays

Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 | 1

The state of Arizona is up to their outrageousness yet again.

The Arizona State Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 1062 last week. The legislation would allow restaurants and businesses to REFUSE service to people on the simple suspicion or confirmation that … Read More

Christie Under Investigation For Misuse of Sandy Funds

Thursday, 16 January, 2014 |

Who is having the worst January ever? It would hands down be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, if we are discussing politics.

By now, America knows that Christie has been caught up in Bridgegate — the story that Christie … Read More

New York Daily News Cracks Fat Joke With Christie Cover (PHOTO)

Monday, 13 January, 2014 |

As the Bridgegate scandal envelopes the halls of government in Trenton, New Jersey, certain outlets have seized on the opportunity to poke fun at Gov. Chris Christie.

Last week, the New York Daily News threw every bit of ire they … Read More

Chris Christie Hosts the Weirdest Presser About His Bridge Troubles (VIDEO)

Friday, 10 January, 2014 | 1

It could have been called “the press conference that never ended.” For New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, it’s the presser that should have happened a lot sooner about an issue that just won’t go away.

Christie finally addressed the … Read More

Federal Judge Approves Detroit Bankruptcy, Angers City Retirees

Wednesday, 4 December, 2013 |

The city of Detroit is going through some rough times these days. The actions of a federal bankruptcy judge only serve to underscore that.

On Tuesday, Judge Steven Rhodes ruled that the city can move forward with its bankruptcy. … Read More

Ohio Senate Passes Bill Limiting Early Voting

Thursday, 21 November, 2013 |

As I can see, Ohio is taking its rightful place behind a growing list of states that want to trample on the voting rights of others.

On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled Ohio Senate passed a bill on a 23-10 partisan line … Read More

Hawaii Becomes the 15th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

Wednesday, 13 November, 2013 |

Hawaii took an important step in its history on Wednesday afternoon when it became the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed the bill into law that recently passed the Hawaii House of Representatives and Senate.

Read More

TIME Magazine Releases Shady Cover About Chris Christie’s Weight (PHOTO)

Tuesday, 12 November, 2013 | 1

TIME magazine knows they are wrong for this!

The latest issue of the magazine shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in silhouette with the title “The Elephant In the Room.” If that headline isn’t one of the most to-the-point … Read More

ELECTION 2013 – NJ Raises Its Minimum Wage Despite Christie’s Opposition

Wednesday, 6 November, 2013 |

Minimum wage workers had somewhat of a reason to celebrate on Tuesday evening. In New Jersey, voters overrode Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a minimum wage increase.

The base pay rate in The Garden State will now increase from $7.25 … Read More