Herman Cain

RNC Strangely Launches Black Outreach Effort In Detroit

Monday, 18 November, 2013 | 1

“Are my eyes deceiving me with a practical joke?”

That was the first thought that came to mind when I heard about the Republican National Committee’s latest “outreach” plan.

The RNC recently announced a plan to increase their inroads into … Read More

No One Better Touch Rep. Allen West’s Motorcycle

Monday, 14 May, 2012 | 1

Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) is a character like no other.

The black Republican is an outspoken, ex-military conservative whom Sarah Palin and Herman Cain love. He thinks that gay marriage is a pointless debate and that his colleagues across the … Read More

Santorum Finally Endorses Romney For President

Tuesday, 8 May, 2012 |

Nearly a month after leaving the GOP presidential race, Rick Santorum has finally accepted the reality and given into the force that is Mitt Romney.

Santorum endorsed Romney via an email to his supporters late Monday, effectively ending the waiting … Read More

Herman Cain Gets Scarce Support For Tax Day Rally (PHOTO)

Friday, 20 April, 2012 |

Look at this sad sight!

This is the turnout for Herman Cain’s Tax Day Rally on April 16. Look at the “support” a former presidential candidate was able to gather in the nation’s capital, of all places.

And this guy … Read More

Herman Cain Dumps His Gingrich Endorsement In Favor of Romney

Tuesday, 17 April, 2012 |

Never thought I’d say that I wholeheartedly agree with former presidential candidate Herman Cain on something, but the day has come.

Cain announced in a radio interview on Tuesday with WMAL-AM/FM in D.C. that he is now supporting Mitt Romney … Read More

Allen West Gets VP Endorsement from Herman Cain (AUDIO)

Monday, 9 April, 2012 |

Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) is getting a lot more of the spotlight in recent days.

As we reported last week, Sarah Palin has her eye on West for the vice presidential slot of (presumably) Mitt Romney.

Well, former presidential candidate … Read More

Watch Herman Cain’s Weird “Rabbit” Ad About Spending

Monday, 26 March, 2012 |

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is back at it again.

This time he is trying to call attention to the federal government’s overspending with the stimulus.

In the ad, he uses an illustration of a rabbit being shot in … Read More

Newt Gingrich SMOKES John King In CNN Debate Opener

Friday, 20 January, 2012 |

I’m pretty sure the paint was peeling off the walls in the North Charleston Coliseum on Thursday night.

The remaining four GOP candidates – Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum – gathered for the CNN/Southern Republican Presidential … Read More

On Iowa Caucus Night, Herman Cain Still Got a Word In (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 4 January, 2012 |

This video made me laugh a little bit.

Herman Cain, the once down but never out GOP candidate for president, spoke with CNN’s John King on Tuesday night. They chatted a bit before the first Iowa caucus results came … Read More

Newt Gingrich Thinks He’s Going to Lose In Iowa

Monday, 2 January, 2012 |

Newt Gingrich is facing the music just ahead of the first electoral showdown of the Election 2012 season.

The former Speaker of the House commented on Monday morning about the impending butt-whipping he thinks he will take in the Iowa … Read More