Politics and Prune Juice Episode #14 – I Still Have Election Depression

Monday, 16 January, 2017 |

In this episode, host Matt Stevens opens up about the widespread “election depression” Americans face with the impending inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. We nervously recap a few items the incoming president will be in charge of once he … Read More

Michelle Obama Calls Her Bangs a “Midlife Crisis”

Monday, 18 February, 2013 |

First Lady Michelle Obama recently offered a simple explanation to the new hairdo she unveiled just over a month ago.

In her words, the new bangs she has been rocking are her “midlife crisis.“ LOL!

She meant it in a … Read More

“Inauguration Was Cold As Hell” (My YouTube Video)

Wednesday, 30 January, 2013 |

Check out my latest YouTube video and the first one for 2013!

In the clip, I talk about my experience at President Obama’s inauguration earlier this month, including the National Day of Service. It was colder than ever and … Read More

Michelle Obama Served ‘Political Dominatrix’ at Inauguration (PHOTO)

Thursday, 24 January, 2013 | 2

This was one of my favorite memories from the Inauguration ceremonies.

I mean this with the highest form of respect for First Lady Michelle Obama. But, her outfit at the Inauguration ceremonies looked like she was giving a political dominatrixRead More

Jon Stewart Compares Beyoncé and Meatloaf In Lip-Syncing Issue (VIDEO)

Thursday, 24 January, 2013 |

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

Leave it to … Read More

Obama Takes Public Oath For Second Term In Bitter Cold (VIDEO)

Monday, 21 January, 2013 |

Today was an historic and long-awaited day for President Obama and his administration.

After over a year of heavy campaigning and a contentious election cycle, the president rightfully took his second oath of office late Monday morning.

This was … Read More

White House Releases Obama’s New Official Photo

Sunday, 20 January, 2013 | 2

In a piece of “under the radar” news, one of President Obama’s most-used photos is getting a makeover for his second term.

The White House released the president’s official photo for the press in the days leading up to his … Read More

Obama To Hold Fewest Inaugural Balls In 60 Years

Friday, 21 December, 2012 | 2

Party-goers, supporters of President Obama, and the political elite that are making the trek to Washington, D.C. in January for the presidential inauguration need to remember one key detail before their arrival.

Chances of making it into one of the … Read More

Eva Longoria Lands Role as Chair of Obama’s Inaugural Committee

Thursday, 6 December, 2012 |

Actress Eva Longoria has landed on her feet after the cancellation of ABC’s long-time hit “Desperate Housewives” earlier this year.

After the show ended, Longoria took a more high-profile role in President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. She was used as a … Read More

Mo-Bama’s Inaugural Gown Is a Part of History

Wednesday, 10 March, 2010 | 1

“The gown” now belongs to the ages.

On Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama donated her ivory inaugural ball gown, designed by Jason Wu, to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.  She said it was a bit of an odd … Read More