Hillary Clinton Brushes Off DREAMers’ Questions In Iowa (VIDEO)

Monday, 15 September, 2014 |

I love how social media can amplify a protest for good these days.

DREAMers, or undocumented young adults brought to the U.S. as children, in Iowa greeted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her highly-anticipated visit there over … Read More

Here’s a Great View of the GOP Immigration Debate (CARTOON)

Thursday, 16 January, 2014 |

Someone posted this on my Twitter timeline today and I thought it was so appropriate. The American people have waited entirely too long for immigration reform.

But, for once, Republicans have the chance to be progressive and on … Read More

Congressman Calls Latinos “Wetbacks,” Issues Apology (AUDIO)

Monday, 1 April, 2013 |

If I never believed in an alternate universe, that thought was shattered this past weekend. I now know that at least one member of Congress is the newest resident on another planet.

I heard a clip of Rep. Don … Read More

Romney Thinks Minorities Love of Obamacare Caused His Loss (VIDEO)

Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 |

Mitt Romney is probably one of the most clueless people on the planet. The clip above is Exhibit A.

In a recent interview with FOX News, Romney spilled the beans about why he still can’t forward his mail to 1600 … Read More

Romney Shows Up Darker For Latinos at Univision Forum (PHOTO)

Thursday, 20 September, 2012 |

So, I’m browsing the Web earlier and this photo from Gawker comes across my Facebook page.

What in the hell is going on here?

Mitt Romney participated in a presidential forum with Univision on Wednesday. Democratic Underground noted that he … Read More

Supreme Court Trashes But Keeps Parts of AZ Immigration Bill

Monday, 25 June, 2012 |

There is major news on the immigration front in the state of Arizona today.

The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down specific parts of Arizona’s SB 1070 bill that Gov. Jan Brewer supported. At the same time, they upheld the … Read More

Latinos Offer Major Support to President Obama

Wednesday, 23 May, 2012 |

President Obama may be in shaky territory with some voting blocs, but there are a few that offer rock solid support.

Latinos, much like African-Americans, have offered the president a commitment like none other in the voting booth. The latest … Read More

Obama Campaign Focuses On Veterans and Military Families For Votes

Thursday, 17 May, 2012 |

The Obama campaign loves sub-groups to focus on for their voting efforts. Until now, Latinos, African-Americans, women, nurses, the LGBT community, and a few other groups received special attention.

Now, the Obama campaign has launched Veterans and Military Families … Read More

GA Rep. Phil Gingrey Knocks ‘African-Americans For Obama’ Group (AUDIO)

Thursday, 26 April, 2012 |

Now this clip made me a little hot as I played it.

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia) took to the radio to throw jabs at President Obama’s campaign strategy. He believes the president is using racially divisive tactics to rally … Read More

Florida Senator Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney

Thursday, 29 March, 2012 |

I’m usually not quick to post about each endorsement a candidate receives on the campaign trail. However, this one is telling.

Florida’s junior Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. He joins former President George H. … Read More