‘Blogging While Brown’ and ‘Netroots Nation’ Have Consumed Me

Tuesday, 5 June, 2012 |

Hope each of you are doing well!

As you may have noticed, Prune Juice Media hasn’t been updated in a few days. This was on purpose. I thought you might like to know some of what’s going on.

It’s … Read More

Bob Beckel Drops F-Bomb on ‘Hannity’ About Head Start (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 18 April, 2012 |

A lot of people get really passionate about their politics.

FOX’s Bob Beckel of The Five is no different. When talking about Head Start on ‘Hannity’ recently, he lost his cool and let his conservative co-panelists have it.

“If you … Read More

Sarah Palin Unleashes Mama Grizzlies On Hilary Rosen (VIDEO)

Friday, 13 April, 2012 |

I feel as if every week I have to tell Sarah Palin to please take the nearest seat possible. For some reason, though, she keeps getting up.

Palin took to Hannity on FOX News to inject herself into the debate … Read More

Sarah Palin Supports Rick Santorum’s “Bullsh*t” Outburst

Tuesday, 27 March, 2012 | 2

Leave it to Sarah Palin to comment on someone trying to check the “liberal media.”

The former vice presidential candidate gave Rick Santorum, the current GOP presidential candidate, two thumbs-up for his unhinged moment on the campaign trail over the weekend.

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“You Better Vote In the 2012 Election!” (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 29 February, 2012 |

Check out my latest PJM Recap video to hear about the importance of voting in the 2012 elections.

This is not your parents’ lecture about exercising your rights, though. Please believe there is a coordinated attack to take away … Read More

Gay Marriage Gets Turned On In Washington State

Thursday, 16 February, 2012 | 1

There is good news this week for the LGBT community in Washington state.

Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) signed a bill into law on February 13 that allows same-sex couples to legally wed in the state. Washington joins seven other states … Read More

Mitt Romney Gets a Second Win In New Hampshire Primary

Wednesday, 11 January, 2012 |

Mitt Romney has done it again. This time it really isn’t much of a shock to most people.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, CNN projected that Romney was the winner in the New Hampshire primary. He won 40 … Read More

Same-Day Voter Registration Wins In Maine

Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 |

The GOP efforts to stifle voter attempts ahead of the 2012 election hit a road block in Maine on Tuesday.

Voters reinstated a former law that allows people to register to vote before and on any given election day. The … Read More

VIDEO: “Blogging While Brown Conf., Herman Cain Gospel Album, Debt Ceiling”

Wednesday, 13 July, 2011 | 3

Surprise! Here is another video from me … the 7th so far in the PJM Recap collection.

Take a few minutes and watch me hash out some new topics including the Blogging While Brown Conference that I attended in … Read More