Bachmann Doesn’t Agree With Veto Against Gay Discrimination

Wednesday, 5 March, 2014 | 1

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has offered her two cents worth of commentary on last week’s veto of SB1062 by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

If you remember, the bill was designed to give “religious freedom” to Arizona residents by allowing them … Read More

PRAISE ALERT – Michele Bachmann Won’t Seek 2014 Re-Election

Wednesday, 29 May, 2013 |

One of the most divisive and erratic members of Congress, Michele Bachmann, has announced that she has reached the end of her rope with her job.

Won’t He do it?!

In 2014, Bachmann will not seek another two-year term … Read More

Rhode Island and Delaware Next In Line for Gay Marriage Rights

Monday, 13 May, 2013 |

Rhode Island and Delaware have joined the growing ranks of states allowing marriage for same-sex couples.

On May 2, Rhode Island became the 10th state to allow gay couples to wed. Delaware followed five days later with its approval. The … Read More

Obama Helps Grade Schooler Cut Class for His Official Visit (PHOTO)

Tuesday, 12 June, 2012 | 1

Where was President Obama when I was elementary school?

The president recently paid a visit to a factory in Minnesota. While there, he met Tyler Sullivan, a fifth-grader who is the son of one of the employees. After finding out … Read More

Bad Finances Brew Possible Eviction for Minnesota GOP

Monday, 23 April, 2012 |

Things are not so rosy with the Minnesota GOP these days.

The group faces the very real possibility of being kicked out of its current digs in downtown St. Paul because of rusty finances. According to Politics In Minnesota, … Read More

Rick Santorum Finally Drops Out of 2012 Presidential Race

Tuesday, 10 April, 2012 |

The time has come and the Lord has heard our cries.

Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator, has “suspended” his notoriously second place GOP presidential campaign. In English, it means he is dropping out of the race. But, for the legal … Read More

Michele Bachmann Thinks Lacks of Health Insurance Is a Choice

Friday, 30 March, 2012 |

We already knew that something wasn’t quite right about Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Now she continues to prove just how correct our assumptions were.

The former presidential candidate has spoken out on the issue of healthcare. Everyone has an opinion … Read More

Super Tuesday Analysis: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, 7 March, 2012 | 2

Tuesday night was a long one for the politics nerds like myself. But, it was an interesting one if you like to keep up with the presidential race.

There was a lot of information to take in from the contests. … Read More

Romney Collects a Caucus Win in Maine, But Still Faces Challenges

Sunday, 12 February, 2012 | 1

In case anyone was paying attention on Saturday night, despite the news of Whitney Houston’s untimely death,  the results of the Maine GOP caucuses came in.

Mitt Romney won the state by a 39-36 percent margin over Ron Paul, the … Read More

Rick Santorum Pulls Sneak Attack with CO, MO, and MN Victories

Wednesday, 8 February, 2012 |

He was down, but I guess you could not count him out.

Rick Santorum, the wholesome goody-two-shoes GOP candidate, pulled off the once-unthinkable against powerhouse Mitt Romney on Tuesday. He did a clean sweep of all three primary/caucus contests in … Read More