Osama bin Laden

Obama Upstages Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment (PARODY PHOTO)

Thursday, 3 May, 2012 | 1

This is oh-so-appropriate this week!

As you may know, some conservatives are outraged because they feel President Obama has turned the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden into a political parade.

Well, this photo should serve as a … Read More

Pres. Obama Talks In-Depth About bin Laden Raid (VIDEO)

Thursday, 3 May, 2012 |


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This week, the U.S. marks the first anniversary since … Read More

Ad Attacks Obama’s ‘Self-Centered’ Approach on bin Laden (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 2 May, 2012 |

Here’s another mudslinging ad for the 2012 election season!

If you remember, the president has taken flack in recent days for supposedly “politicizing” the one-year anniversary of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden.

It’s one of the … Read More

Obama Speaks On Afghanistan’s Future and New Agreement (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 2 May, 2012 |

On Tuesday afternoon, President Obama landed in Afghanistan for a surprise visit to the country’s leader Hamid Karzai.

While there, the president signed an agreement that in essence lays out how the U.S. will transition its role in Afghanistan.Read More

Pres. Obama Surprises With Afghanistan Visit to Sign Agreement

Tuesday, 1 May, 2012 | 1

You never know exactly where President Obama may end up, even though much of his schedule is public record.

This afternoon (Eastern time), he surprised people by popping up in Kabul, Afghanistan for a meeting with President Hamid Karzai. From … Read More

Is the Obama Administration Politicizing bin Laden’s Killing?

Monday, 30 April, 2012 | 1

When I saw an article on CNN.com on this topic, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Republicans are actually mad at Democrats and President Obama for “politicizing” Osama bin Laden’s killing last May 1.


The reality … Read More

Bill Clinton Praises Pres. Obama for bin Laden Strike (VIDEO)

Friday, 27 April, 2012 |

Things are slowly getting heated in the 2012 presidential campaign.

Sitting on an ocean of money, the Obama campaign has begun its ad attack against Mitt Romney.

The latest spot uses one of the campaign’s trump cards by showcasingRead More

Pres. Obama’s Gallup Poll Numbers Fall Again

Monday, 15 August, 2011 | 2

President Obama may have turned 50 years old with celebrity fanfare this month, but his poll numbers have shown less excitement toward his presidency.

The latest Gallup poll figures on Sunday, August 14 show a 39% approval rating for … Read More

Michelle Obama Goes Behind the Scenes of the bin Laden Raid

Tuesday, 26 July, 2011 |

Here is a pretty interesting peek into the life and trials of the women supporting our White House leaders.

Politico ran a piece on Monday about the knowledge that the First and “Second” Ladies of the U.S., Michelle Obama and … Read More

President Obama Has to BYOB to Pub In Ireland

Friday, 13 May, 2011 | 2

This is a metaphor for the kind of sad, terrorist threat-filled world we live in now. Our president can’t even have a cold beer when he travels abroad anymore.

Later this month, President Obama will travel to Ireland and … Read More